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Saturday Sunbitterns


Brent Moore

Good day! The Knicks are back in action tomorrow afternoon, and I hope very many of you will join me to watch that game (I'll rehash the details below). In the meantime let us link. Oh, wow, I have melted Reese's chocolate on my thumb and now it's all over my keyboard. Oh well. Onward.

- Sunbitterns are very silly looking, but they can convince bad guys that they are rather scary looking. Dumbass hawk.

- The bigs are questionable for tomorrow.

- Raymond Felton felt "a little weak" on his knee last night. I'm glad he only played 24 minutes and hopeful he won't crack that total again during the regular season.

- Very sorry to read of the passing of one of Iman Shumpert's close friends. He talked about it a bit on Twitter yesterday.

- Check out how Carmelo Anthony's shot selection has contributed to this excellent year he's having (and, as Kirk Goldsberry astutely mentions, how his teammates have helped facilitate the superior shot selection).

- I caught up on my Chris Herring this morning and felt better-- healthier, even-- for it. Here he is on the possibility of one of these old Knicks coaching some day and on Melo's splendid rebounding. One more: I have this harrowing fear of the Knicks suddenly going cold on their jumpers during the playoffs, and Chris didn't exactly help alleviate that.

- Jared Wade helped out a bit by showcasing the Knicks' excellent spacing and movement on offense. They'll need that.

- Regarding the Knicks coaching thing: Kurt Thomas has an open invitation from Mike Woodson to join him on the sideline and I hope so so much that he accepts it.

- For now, Howard Megdal bids Kurt farewell with a terrific retrospective on his career, if it is indeed over.

- Rob Mahoney thinks J.R. Smith should be Sixth Man of the Year and, hey, I'm cool with that. Really, he should be STARER of the year, but he deserves an award either way. That said, J.R. should probably pay for his jewelry just like the rest of us (I have opal earplugs).

- More on J.R. and his evolved shot sselection.

- Things about stuff. I dunno.

Those are today's links! I hope you enjoyed them. Have a lovely evening.

Update: I forgot! Here's all the info about the meet-up tomorrow afternoon. Please do RSVP if you intend to come.