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P&T Meet-up Today!

Come watch the game with us!

Hello! It is is Sunday, April 14th. The Knicks play the Pacers today at 3:30. If you'd like to watch that game with your friends from P&T, please join us at Full Circle this afternoon. I'll try to get there early and I've heard from plenty of other bloggers and commenters who'll be stopping by. And who knows? Chris "Ludacris" Bridges may make an appearance. He definitely won't, but wouldn't that be something?

Here is the original announcement, which has good direction advice in the comments. See that graphic up top? The bar folks made that. It's true. The Pacers are a great defensive team and may hold Steve Novak silent. If not, you can put lots of liquors in your tummy. Then again, anything behind the bar is $3, which means you might be able to purchase an adult human at a ridiculous discount. Your pick.

For those of you unable to join us today, there'll be a game thread up this afternoon. You may bask in the relative comfort of not being around other people.

Hope to see you there!