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Bobcats 106, Knicks 95: "The basketball equivalent of watching 'The Room'"

Basketball game


Hi doggies. The Knicks game tonight was pretty silly. Like Chuck Burly commented, it was a lot like watching a movie rife with terrible writing, spastic acting, and nauseatingly uncomfortable sex scenes. The Bobcats won or whatever. The only real news for the Knicks was that Rasheed Wallace played a few minutes in the first half, then sat the second with a sore foot again. Otherwise, it was just a goofy hodgepodge of Iman Shumpert driving and blowing finishes, Chris Copeland playing the role of superstar/starting center, Steve Novak making occasional threes, James White dunking one time, and me mostly not paying attention. If you don't include Sheed (which you shouldn't. He played four minutes, hit a jumper, then missed a couple more shots pretty badly), the Knicks played six guys. Five over those six played over forty minutes. None of them played defense. Thankfully, none of 'em got hurt.

One more, then it's time for the playoffs. !!!