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The Knicks signed Quentin Richardson?

Wait what

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

So, there was a vacant roster spot, you see, because the Knicks cut Kurt Thomas, then signed Solomon Jones, then cut him, too. We figured there might be another move before the end of the regular season. Here is that move:

Some questions and thoughts:

1. Huh

2. What

3. Like Quentin Richardson Quentin Richardson?

4. Quentin Richardson was waived by the Magic in October. Is he actually ready to play basketball?

4 Headbands

6. Did somebody watch old tapes of Richardson exchanging snarls and shoves with Paul Pierce and decide "oh yeah, we totally want to piss Paul Pierce off during the postseason"? If so:

7. Why

It's weird and near the bottom of the list of moves I expected (somewhere in between "Scoonie Penn" and "Shania Twain"), but whatever. Kenyon Martin and Rasheed Wallace and Chris Copeland are fairly important contributors on this team. I don't question things anymore. I just wait and see how they work out.

Quentin Richardson, though?

Update: Since people are asking: Yes, Richardson is playoff eligible because he wasn't waived by an NBA team after March 1st. The Knicks are really weird, but not quite weird enough to sign Quentin Richardson for one regular season game.