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Rasheed Wallace just retired again.

Man, this has been a weird week.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh, I guess Rasheed Wallace won't be returning from that foot injury.

Wow. So, the four minutes (1-3 shooting) Sheed played against the Bobcats will go down as his last as a Knick, and probably as an NBA player (I hold out hope for another comeback). It's a shame we won't get to enjoy any Sheed in the playoffs-- when healthy, he was one of the team's best defenders-- but stress fractures are no joke and I suppose it was evident from that prompt retreat on Monday that Sheed hadn't really healed. Farewell, Sheed. Well, I hope you stick around to motivate the Knicks and scream at their opponents and/or referees, but farewell from the roster.

The roster's back at 14, so be on the lookout for a last-minute signing. Based on yesterday's events, maybe like Malik Rose or somebody.

We'll always have the memories (starting with camp and those first garbage time minutes):


(via @netw3rk)