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The Knicks are actually signing Earl Barron.



Oh man, what a day. Once Rasheed Wallace retired, the "EARL BARRON!" jokes rained down, because that's always who we shout about when the Knicks have an open spot. After posting about Sheed and following Twitter for a while, I got up to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then returned to my computer and:

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thoughts:

1. I keep mistyping his name as "Earl Baroon". Might just stick with that.

2. I mean, hopefully this signing doesn't end up mattering at all, but Earl Barron's okay. He can spread the floor with mid-range jumpers and play semi passable defense. If they need him to give a few fouls and take a jumper in the playoffs, so be it.

3. Earl Baroon (I swear that wasn't an accident. I'm leaving it.) dominated the Celtics that one time.

4. Two Earls now.

5. Earl Barron has a ring. CHAMPIONSHIP EXPERIENCE Y'ALL.

Fine. Cool. What a day!