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Knicks 98, Hawks 92: "That was a little too interesting."

Nuhhhhh stop hurting yourselves

Pablo Prigioni suffering, child contemplating mortality, mother reading tweets.
Pablo Prigioni suffering, child contemplating mortality, mother reading tweets.
Bruce Bennett

Man, that was stupid. There has to be an alternative to playing out a meaningless game between disinterested opponents. Bocce tournament, for instance. We'd all watch. I don't know what happened in the game-- the Knicks seem to have won-- but like fracon said, too much happened to Knick bones and ligaments and such. Here's how it went:

Pablo Prigioni turns his ankle early on, stays down for a while but hobbles off unassisted. Come on, we don't need this. In the second half, Chris Copeland pulls his shoulder. Stop. Courtney Kirkland, the ref, appears to seriously hurt his knee, so even the refs have to ref shorthanded. No seriously, stop. Iman Shumpert pulls up lame. It's just a cramp BUT STOP STOP IT STOP THE GAME.

The game did have some charm:

- Earl Barron moved well and had his moments, even on the air-gulping brink of nausea. Clyde: "The head is rocking!".

- Ricky Gervais came as close as any "Gimme a Minute" subject ever has to achieving orgasm on camera. He'd never attended a basketball game before and looked positively enchanted by the spectacle. I imagine if Ricky Gervais saw a game that wasn't in April and didn't prominently feature Shelvin Mack and James White, he'd bleed out his ears.

- When Quentin Richardson hit a three, the MSG PA played the Soulja Boy "YOUUUUU". Quentin Richardson hit a three. He missed the ten other shots, but grabbed ten rebounds.

- James White did a good fake. Good fake, James White.

The Knick bench was pretty much one gasping Knick + Raymond Felton fartin' commando in his sweats. That led to a lot of mishap on the court, and it was just way too interesting.