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The P&T Regular Season Final Exam

Class is in session!

Bruce Bennett

Now that the regular season is over, it's time to find out what you have learned. That's right...why else would Seth and I write these articles? For fun? Well I don't hear anyone laughing! We here at Posting and Toasting work to educate and...umm, what rhymes with "educate"....procreate! Yes, that'll do.

This exam will be scored on the Honor System. The answers will appear in the comments section, under the Black Bar of Mystery. Make sure to score yourself fairly, and input your score into the poll section below. Good Luck!

1. Pablo Prigioni needs all of Steve Novak's _______.

a. lovin'

b. points

c. assists

d. belts

2. Raymond Felton's family members refer to him as what animal?

a. manbearpig

b. dog

c. duck

d. penguin

3. George Karl is ________.

a. balding

b. boring

c. a good coach

d. a bad coach

4. What was Marcus Camby's greatest contribution to the Knicks this season?

a. The Trollface photo.

b. Raising the team's average age.

c. His defense.

d. Moral support.

5. Why was Purpletie Broman so upset?


a. Shares of Ernie's Extra-Long Tie Emporium dropped 10 points on the NASDAQ.

b. "Why did they stop making new episodes of Entourage, bro?"

c. J.R. Smith air-balled a free throw.

d. Kurt Thomas gave him the stink-eye.

6. According to the P&T code, what is the proper way to respond to any mention of Kevin Garnett?

a. Post the .gif of Iman Shumpert dunking in his grill.

b. Call him a bitch.

c. Remind everyone that he once choked Bill Walker.

d. All of the above.

7. According to Deadspin, the girl of "You trying to get the pipe?" fame is a ______ in high school.

a. freshman

b. sophomore

c. junior

d. senior

8. If it weren't for J.R. Smith, Steve Novak would be driving what kind of car?

a. Pri-us

b. Bu-ack

c. Fo-cus

d. No-va

9. Which of the following Knicks had their own P&T holiday this season?

a. Pablo Prigioni

b. Carmelo Anthony

c. J.R. Smith

d. Rasheed Wallace

10. What inspired Mike Woodson's "hallelujah!" .gif?

a. A Pablo Prigioni three.

b. A Pablo Prigioni steal.

c. A Pablo Prigioni vintage moped drag race.

d. Jesus.

11. Why did Rasheed Wallace get ejected from the Dec. 2 game against Phoenix?

a. He threw his headband at a ref.

b. He head-butted a ref.

c. He screamed "BALL DON'T LIE!" after a missed free throw.

d. DWS - driving while Sheed

12. Who was responsible for every single Knicks loss on a Friday night?

a. the Knicks players

b. Mike Woodson

c. the opposing team

d. Robert Randolph

13. Which two Knicks had brief cameos replacing Jared Jeffries in Bluecheese999's Jared Jeffries Memorial Shot Tracker this season?

a. Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas

b. Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire

c. Steve Novak, J.R. Smith

d. James White, Tyson Chandler

14. Who was INVITED, YO?

a. Seth

b. Joe

c. Spike Lee

d. Osborn

15. In February, which opposing team did Joe briefly switch allegiance to during a four-game Knicks losing streak?

a. Philadelphia 76ers

b. Utah Jazz

c. Washington Wizards

d. Joe would never do such a thing!

16. Why does Emmy Rossum deserve to win the EGOT? (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)

a. She's a talented actress

b. She's a talented singer.

c. She's a classic beauty.

d. She has an unhealthy obsession with John Starks.