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Notes from Thursday's Knicks Practice

Some injury updates and whatnot.


The Knicks practiced today. They have some important games coming up, so it's good that they practiced. Some Knicks spoke to reporters after practice and hinted at where things stand heading into Game 1:

Pablo Prigioni was listed as questionable this morning, but Mike Woodson made it sound like he won't be available, possibly not even for Game 2. Woodson went on to assert his commitment to keeping Jason Kidd, J.R. Smith, and Kenyon Martin on the bench, which pretty much only leaves Chris Copeland as a potential starting candidate should Pablo sit. Even if it's not Copeland (I guess Quentin Richardson isn't totally out of the question, bizarre as that would be), the insistence on benching Kidd means Woodson would have to start without the preferred two-point-guard look. That's a bummer, but pretty much has to happen at one point or another as long as Prigioni is absent. We can still expect the Knicks to go small as much as possible, even against some pretty big Boston lineups. Tyson Chandler said as much today.

Speaking of Chandler, there is good news: He feels great and he feels like the extra rest did his legs some good. This read a little weird, but I get it, Tyson. Cool. Great news.

Finally, some eyebrows raised when the Knicks posted a photo that included Amar'e Stoudemire on the practice floor, but pay no mind. Woodson does not expect Amar'e to return during the first round.

So, that's about where things stand. The lack of news regarding Chris Copeland's shoulder and Marcus Camby's foot leads me to believe the former is totally fine and the latter remains not fine. The Knicks'll practice again tomorrow. Between now and then, I forbid all of them from walking anywhere, operating any sharp or heavy equipment, or going outside ever at all. No physical exertion, no germs, no sunlight, no food that hasn't been boiled and bleached, and no pet dander.