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Mike Woodson is Eastern Conference Coach of the Month

<3 u, Woody

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, cool! It's been an illustrious couple of weeks for the Knicks: J.R. Smith was Player of the Week to end March, then Carmelo Anthony won the award back-to-back in April (and will presumably named Player of the Month). Now the league just announced that Mike Woodson was named April's Coach of the Month and/or Coach of the Two Weeks. The Knicks went 8-2 over that stretch, which is a good number to go. Better yet, Mike D'Antoni won it out West and Kenny Atkinson beat a duck at Yahtzee last night, so the early 2012 Knicks coaching staff swept all this month's awards.

So, congratulations to Coach Woody. Good job. Keep up the great coaching in May and June, good sir. In closing, here's this:

Wow. Nobody. Not even Don Chaney. Not even Herb!