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Thursday Yellow-Bibbed Lories


Doug Janson

Good evening! It's later than usual, but I've got a whole bunch of links to share. Here they are.

- The yellow-bibbed lory is a pretty normal, though it's particularly attractive and found only in the Solomon Islands. I highlighted it mostly for this silly run of objectionable unsupported information on its Wikipedia page:

There are said[by whom?] to be only two breeding pairs in the United States. However, they are very sweet, kind birds[according to whom?].

Well, you got Brian and Martha and then the Hendersons, Steven and Janice. Very sweet, very kind.

- Clearly the link of the day: The Definitive Mike Woodson Reaction Reel.

- This is a cool li'l interview Jared Zwerling did with a scout explaining how the Celtics might defend Carmelo Anthony (and how Melo might counter).

- Two Xs and Os things: Brett Koremenos shows how the Knicks space the floor around a Melo iso...

- ...and Mike Prada diagrams New York's "pet play", the triple drag screen.

- A 12 year-old's Knicks poem. It's a winner.

- The Knicks' made three-pointer/turnover differential this season was VASTLY beyond anything any team had ever done before.

- A bunch of smart bros guess how far the Knicks might go this postseason for the Times.

- The Knicks Wall's playoff primer and top 10 moments of 2012-2013, both worth a look.

- And another playoff/series primer from Turn on the Knicks.

- And I answered some series preview questions for The No Look Pass.

- The eminent Curtis Harris tells us about Carl Braun.

- Howard Megdal points out that missing Pablo Prigioni isn't just missing Pablo Prigioni-- several of his teammates, including Raymond Felton, see marked statistical upticks when Pablo's on the floor.

- netw3rk's multimedia tribute to Rasheed Wallace.

- Dan Devine ranks Knicks-Celtics as his third most rankable playoff series.

- Some fine artists are selling some fine artwork (including some Knicks stuff) and sending the proceeds toward the Boston relief efforts.

- Some more information on Amar'e Stoudemire's auto-documentary, which'll be on TV tomorrow.

Those are your links! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz