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Melo is Player of the Month, Cope is Rookie of the Month

Cool month!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty chill month for the Knicks, I guess. Mike Woodson got picked as Eastern Conference Coach of the Month earlier this week, and now it seems New York swept the whole month:

Melo's a duh, since he won ECPOW in both weeks. Copeland, though, is a bit of a surprise, mainly because one doesn't think too hard about these things before they're announced. He averaged 15 points per game in April and cracked 30 twice in a row to end the season. Well done, Cope.

Not that it matters, and not that April's two weeks of half-assed games are comparable to the rest of the season, but I wonder the last time a team swept coach, player, and rookie for a month...