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Final Score: Knicks 102, Heat 90, Melo 50


Mike Ehrmann

Cool! The Knicks' defense got kinda humiliated by the Miami JV team in the first half, but they tightened things up mightily in the second half and ran away with the game. A thing that helped a lot: Carmelo Anthony scoring a career-high 50(!) points on 26(!) shots in 40 minutes. It was a wild outing for Melo, as he hardly got to the rim and took a pretty normal number of free throws but hit nearly every damn jumper that left his fingertips. Open, contested, off the bounce or off the catch, Melo hit 'em all. 'Twas magical, and New York needed it against a Heat defense that still looked pretty sharp without its top dawgz. J.R. Smith (14) and Raymond Felton (10) were the only other Knicks to crack double-digit points.

That's nine straight wins and, for the time being, second place in the East once more. Full recap coming up in a little while.