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Final Score: Knicks 87, Celtics 71


Al Bello

Remember Game 1? This was like that, but more so. The Knicks played a offensively uncreative, defensively inept first half, but trailed by just six. They blew it away in the second half. Suddenly, they actually did stuff to create offense and scrambled back in transition and around the perimeter. After 25 points in Saturday's second half, Boston had 23 in tonight's. They shot under 20 percent in the second half. We got real live garbage time in a playoff game. Like, Quentin Richardson played. It was exceedingly nuts, and a positively sublime close to what began as a very frustrating performance.

Carmelo Anthony shook off a poor start to finish with 34 points. J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton chipped in an efficient 19 and 16, respectively. Kenyon Martin terrorized the interior with four blocks and 11 rebounds in 23 minutes. Good things all around.

2-0, y'all. Full recap coming once I run a few victory laps.