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Thursday Post-Practice Updates

Notes 'n' quotes following Thursday's practices in Boston.

Al Bello

The Knicks and Celtics both practiced this afternoon in advance of Game 3 tomorrow night. Here are a few things from the reporters in attendance at each practice:


- A point of focus:

- After Mike Woodson spoke about Tyson Chandler's improvement but not-quite-there-ness in yesterday's conference call, Tyson addressed his rust/conditioning today:

- Oh, most definitely:

- Carmelo Anthony's quotes today were unusually silly and cutesy. On the possibility of the Knicks sweeping:

"I mean, if that happens I’ll be super duper happy, excited about that. I can’t lie. But I know that’s going to be tough, especially after here winning two games on our homecourt going back to their place. It’s going to be tough. We’re going to take it one game at a time and see what happens.

Super duper! And what music has he been listening to?

"I listen to Frank Sinatra a lot," Anthony said. "I love Frank, man. It keeps me calm. I’m already a mellow guy, but it keeps me super calm. I don’t like to get too excited. You got to expect the unexpected in situations like this."

What else? Tony Bennett?

"Sometimes, sometimes," Anthony said with a smile. "I listen to Tony Bennett when I’m sitting home drinking wine by the fireplace, a Christmas-time thing."

- J.R. Smith waved off his contract talks for now. He, like me, doesn't want to think or talk about that stuff until after the Knicks win that gold ball. His dad, on the other hand, is happy to talk about anything.

- Update: Forgot to include this one. Assistant Coach Rasheed Wallace is quietly a thing now.


- Doc Rivers just got fined for calling the whistles on Kevin Garnett in Game 2 "horrendous". On one hand, I'm a Knicks fan and think all the filth Garnett gets away with is horrendous. On the other hand, Doc's not totally wrong and $25,000 for a single word is way harsh, Tai.

- I'm not really sure why, but Jordan Crawford has fully supplanted Courtney Lee as the Celtics' back-up shooting guard.

- Kevin Garnett practiced today and dismissed questions about his hip pointer. I'm sure he'll play Friday, but he might be a little gimpier than usual.

- Avery Bradley was late for practice, but eventually participated. I still say that's delinquent behavior and Bradley should be suspended for the rest of the series.

So, that's what's up after the practices today. The Knicks are probably en route to Boston this afternevening. More to come.