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Thursday Mountain Wheatears


Hans Hillewaert

Good evening! The Knicks won't play any basketball today, but they said it's okay if we look at some links about them.

- I know what you're thinking: "Wheatears must be called wheatears because they've got very wheaty ears". NOPE IT'S CAUSE THEIR BUTTS ARE WHITE. Like mountain wheatears. They've got white butts. No outer ears to speak of.

- Raymond Felton's kid sounds like the absolute best person.

- Here's the "J.R. Smith's dad says whatever the hell he wants" article, in case you missed it earlier.

These next four things are related:

- The Knicks are emphasizing the pick-and-roll.

- They're having way more success than the Celtics in that pick-and-roll.

- Like, they're really dominating.

- Raymond Felton's been killin' it.

- In terms of games missed due to injury, the Knicks were second only to the Timberwolves. (Also: What the fuck, Thunder?)

- John Schmeelk on The Knicks Wall podcast.

- Via Deadspin, some Knicks appear on this terrific visualization of the NBA's most fined players.

- Mike Woodson's got confidence in his team on the road, which is good because they have to play on the road this whole weekend.

- Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith are among the best "bad shot shooters", as they say. That helps.

- John Schuhmann concentrated on J.R.'s bad-shot-hitting ability in particular.

- Quentin Richardson knows his role.

- Congratulations to Steve Novak on being quite tall yet rebound-averse!

- I'm not sure shifting Melo's minutes is the answer to solving these first half issues. He was on the floor for parts of each rough patch in the first two games.

Those are the links! Feel free to use this thread for tonight's games. <3