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Monday White-Crested Helmetshrikes


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Hello! I have some links I've collected over the last few days. Would you like to look at them?

- Yo, white-crested helmetshrikes have got sunflowers for eyes. Do you think they know?

- I'm looking forward to hearing the Knicks, including some who know Jason Collins well (a couple former teammates and his former coach, Mike Woodson) lend their support following his announcement today. So far, we've got kind words from Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, and Bernard King. The more, the better.

- Note that Game 5 will be on Wednesday, but we're not sure what time yet.

- David Vertsberger teases apart the Knicks' three-point prowess, and the value of said prowess, at Knickerblogger.

- Jonathan Fishner sums up the whole Week in Knicks.

- Hadn't seen this Chris Copeland quote (Chris Quoteland) until just now: "I don’t want to say the wrong thing — sometimes you play, some you don’t,’’ Copeland told The Post. "You never know.’’

- Cope also gave us one of the best Knick tweets of the year.

- Even more on Iman Shumpert's exceedingly Shumpy Game 4.

- Chris Herring finds an interesting comparison for the looming Amar'e Stoudemire return: Patrick Ewing in 1998 (after the wrist injury).

- I just can't get over this security guard from yesterday.

- If you're a Kindle person (a person with a Kindle, not a person on whom books can be downloaded, though that would be cool), We'll Always Have Linsanity is now just $7.10 to put on that thing.

That's it. Pretty light haul today. Feel free to use this thread to discuss tonight's games. I believe there'll be a bigger, network-wide thread at Liberty Ballers if you want to check that out, but this is a good spot, too.