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Wednesday Lesser Honeyguides


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Good afternoon. Before we get into the Knicks' game in Atlanta tonight, let's take a look at some links.

- Okay, the bird pictured above is the Lesser Honeyguide, because I could find a free picture of the Lesser Honeyguide, but I really wanna talk about the Greater Honeyguide. The behavior of the Greater Honeyguide is the reason all the members of the family are called Honeyguides. That behavior: they'll guide you to honey! The little (sorry, GREAT) guys like to eat all the crap out of evacuated beehives, but don't have the wherewithal to drive bees from their hives. Thus, when the birds find occupied hives, they'll make noise and gesture at honey-seeking creatures-- humans for sure, but possibly also other animals-- to "guide" them to the hives. The people then smoke out the bees and scoop out the honey, as they do, and the bird friends swoop into snack on the remains. It's a lovely example of human-bird symbiosis. What appears to be the foremost study on the subject requires a subscription, but it looks very cool. Here's a video.

- Tyson Chandler miiiiight take it easy or just sit out tonight, just to ease that neck back into form. I suppose it depends how he feels today at shootaround.

- Dylan Murphy takes an incredibly meticulous look at what's gone wrong with Jason Kidd's jumper. It's odd to me that Dave Hopla hasn't been able to correct some bad habits that become especially obvious with Dylan's analysis.

- If you ordered a hard copy of We'll Always Have Linsanity, it SHOULD be on its way. Meanwhile, there are probably going to be some book events in the city late next week, (possibly during one or both of the games in the Thursday-Friday back-to-back).

- If you're in Atlanta, go watch the game tonight with P&Ters!

- Here are the shoes Iman Shumpert wore for his return to Miami, and here's Shump reflecting a bit after the game.

- Here's Pablo Prigioni hanging with Lazaro Borrell in Miami!

- Dan Litvin plays the "what if he produced like this for a whole season?" game with J.R. Smith.

- Our friend WSD previews each of the Knicks' upcoming games against playoff competitors.

- Marcus Camby has hardly been playing because the Knicks are still trying to preserve his foot.

- A few of y'all already shared this, but the J.R. Smith section in this Zach Lowe piece is pretty terrific.

- This has been passed around, too, but here's the most recent rumor of James Dolan being kind of a rough boss and turning what could have been a silly situation into a nasty one. Sounds like things turned out okay, though.

Those are the links! More later. <3