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Final Score: Knicks 95, Hawks 82

Oh man, Melo.


Hey, that's a great win. The Knicks were playing a close, precarious game against the Hawks. Their defense kept losing track of Kyle Korver and their offense amounted to Carmelo Anthony's continued magnificence and nothing else. Then the fourth quarter came, New York locked up defensively, and Raymond Felton burst through the space created by Melo to turn a tight contest into a blowout.

Recap later, but in the meantime: 90 points in a back-to-back for Melo. Good lord. He looked on pace for 50 again, too, but wisely deferred to his open teammates down the stretch and got the W. Still got that final bucket to hit 40, though. The man is in a deep, deep groove.

One scary subplot: While Tyson Chandler's neck continued to bother him, Kenyon Martin left the game in the second half because of a sore knee. I imagine we'll hear more about that soon. It's a little scary.