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Updates on Tyson Chandler's neck and Kenyon Martin's knee

Both guys had some trouble during the Knicks' win in Atlanta.


I'm working on a short recap, but while you wait, here are the post-game reports on Tyson Chandler's sore neck and Kenyon Martin's sore knee. Chandler played some big minutes in the fourth, but only 24 in total. He appeared at several points to be uncomfortable, and said the following in the locker room:

So, that's something to keep an eye on. It's nice that Chandler got to play relatively light minutes tonight, though it would have been nicer had he gotten to sit the fourth. That couldn't happen because Kenyon Martin begged out early in the quarter due to knee soreness. Here's what he had to say afterward:

So, it doesn't sound like anything too scary, but chronic soreness the Knicks must monitor to avoid wearing Martin out. (That said, these are the Knicks, so Martin probably has a botfly infestation).

All is relatively well, but New York's frontcourt health feels a little precarious. On the other hand: Ten straight!