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The Knicks spoke up today in support of Jason Collins.

Several Knicks, including former teammates, offered kind, supportive words following Jason Collins's announcement on Monday.

Jonathan Daniel

So, Jason Collins is gay. Not sure if you heard. His revealing that is a pretty big deal in the world of sports, and I've been looking forward to seeing some Knicks offer their support. To me, the importance of Collins's announcement-- particularly with respect to all the younglings paying attention-- is followed closely by the affirmation of his peers, and I was thrilled to see some Knicks speak positively when asked about the topic at practice today. I was going to stick this in a "post-practice notes" thing, but I think it deserves separate recognition (that post with actual basketball stuff from practice will follow). Check it out:

Carmelo Anthony:

Jason Kidd (Collins's former teammate in New Jersey):

Kenyon Martin (ditto):

And Mike Woodson, Collins's former coach in Atlanta:

"The decision that he made, we got to live with it. That's his personal life. Life moves on. We got to move on. It's something we can't hide. It's out there. He was man enough to step forward to express his feelings about it. We all know now. He's going to live his life. I've got a game to win tomorrow in New York.'

Indeed. And on that note, look for a post in the very near future with more Knicks-centric stuff from today's practice. Just thought all that was worth broadcasting. Good shit, Knicks. There's still hatred and misunderstanding out there-- a lot of it, and some from at least one person within the organization-- but this means a lot.