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Tuesday Post-Practice Notes

Notes and quotes from Tuesday's pre-Game 5 practice.

Jared Wickerham

Now that we got all the mushy stuff out of the way, let us speak of basketball. The Knicks and the Celtics and the reporters covering the series hardly have anything to say to one another four games into the thing, but there were some noteworthy items to come from practice today.

- J.R. Smith, speaking to media for the first time since his suspension for massaging Jason Terry's face with his elbow, was in top form:

Shouldn't that negate the suspension? J.R. either thought Terry was a spectator intruding onto the court-- in which case self-defense was justified-- or he didn't even perceive Terry's presence, in which case it was an accident. I say we redo Game 4, but since everyone's in New York already, just do it here.

I know from college that "man region" means genitals. Terry did take a pretty hard swipe at J.R. before the incident, and it's conceivable that it landed on or near the #pipe. That might get a cool lost, yeah.


But I now I want to know a LOT.


- J.R. also insists the Knicks would have swept if he played, which...yeah, quite possibly.

- Carmelo Anthony, at least semi-acknowledging that he got a little wild in Game 4:

- Mike Woodson on Chris Copeland's absence from Game 4:

Woody's decision not to play Copeland and Steve Novak together is wise and adaptive. However, as I said before: 1. Cope over Novak, right? 2. I'd play Copeland, Novak, and an olive at the same time before I'd give Quentin Richardson minutes.

- What's Amar'e been up to? During practice, he's working on post moves and getting his wind back. During games, he's helping chart stats for the coaching staff. That's what the manila folder is, kinda disappointingly.

- Oh, and retired NBA player Rasheed Wallace is still wearing his jersey during practice. I love that so much.

- Jay King's got all your updates from Celtics practice. It's mostly trash backtalk and desperation/determination. Still worth a look.

Game 5 is tomorrow at 7:00.