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Tuesday Empress Brilliants


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Joseph C Boone

Good evening! No Knicks tonight, but there are two great Western games and you can comment about those here or at the traveling network-wide thread, which is at Rufus on Fire tonight. Also, links:

- Another chapter in my book Hummingbird Names Are Especially Ornate And Often Gendered For Some Reason: The striking Empress Brilliant.

- Chris Herring points out that Carmelo Anthony hasn't been so hot on last-second shots this year. I'm not against Melo taking those shots. I just wish the Knicks would move around a little bit and use picks and stuff to get him better looks on those shots.

- It's now been over a year since Iman Shumpert's injury. He's not all the way back, but I think we can all agree he's most of the way there.

- Will Leitch talks to Earl Monroe(!) about, among other things, smoking PCP at Bubba Smith's house!?

- I am to steadfastly superstitious to look ahead until the present series has ended, but yeah, I'm rooting for the Hawks. The nice thing is, no matter what, the team that wins that series will be a poor road team.

- Jason Kidd won the Sportsmanship award! Tyson Chandler's in the running for the Community Assist award! Good job, the Knicks!

- Iman Shumpert isn't one of the best yet, but he's an up-and-comer on Zach Lowe's list of "3-and-D" guys.

- Boston's done a good job of containing the pick-and-roll, so there's that, but it's still curious that the Knicks haven't used Carmelo Anthony as a pick-and-roll ball-handler that much. He's quite good at it.

- Our predictions were accurate: There is some talk of playoff goatees among the Knicks coaching staff. And Jim Todd's accent remains the best.

- It came up in the comments last night and I mentioned it in passing before, but this was disappointing.

That is all. Enjoy the games!