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Thursday Pied Kingfishers


Gayatri Krishnamoorthy

Good day! The Knicks have the night off, which means we and they can spend all day krumping in celebration of ten straight wins. If you get tired from all that movement, take a break with some cool links:

- Kingfishers are, by and large, little birds with huge noses, and that alone places them among my favorite kinds of birds. Pied kingfishers live throughout Africa and Asia and are notable for their hunting technique. The pied kingfisher hovers high above the water spying on fishes until it finds one it'd like to eat, at which point it torpedoes straight downward to snatch the fish, gobbling it up as it flies away. They are, according to this amazing video, the biggest birds capable of flapping in place like that in still air (I'd usually associate that behavior with hummingbirds). I really really recommend that video. It's nuts.

- Kenyon Martin is questionable for tomorrow because of that sore knee. It still doesn't sound like a big deal. Just a guy with old, rebuilt knees that are responding to a sudden, constant workload after a long period of rest. No word on Tyson Chandler, so I guess he's relatively good to go.

- Some of us We'll Always Have Linsanity authors will be reading at Varsity Letters next week. I miiiiiight be there.

- I'm interested to see how y'all digest this Andrew Sharp piece. He's speaking from the viewpoint of a non-Knicks fan and, if I'm reading correctly, running into the oft-heard struggle of "Carmelo Anthony sometimes seems great enough to be Great, but he's probably just lowercase great and either way it doesn't matter because there's LeBron who is unquestionably more Great". However you appraise that (I do not care. I just want the Knicks to win.), I think we can all agree with Sharp that it'd be pretty awesome for Melo to lead the Knicks super far in the playoffs, like maybe to a championship. That would be good.

- Here's Melo doing one of Yahoo! Finance's rich people interviews. He licks his lips a lot. He smells good.

- Jared Dubin shows us some of the inner workings of Melo's dazzling performance in that back-to-back.

- Howard Megdal stops to point out that, hey, each member of the Knicks' current starting lineup is a productive player and that is nice and weirdly novel.

- Will Leitch gives us "Ten Things to Learn from the Knicks' Win Streak". He doesn't come right out and say "Pablo Prigioni is a superstar", but he implies it.

- Our dear friend netw3rk reminds us not to take for granted the feeling of rooting for a good New York team, because we rooted for a bad New York team for a while and that sucked a whole lot.

- Hey, here are some rappings about the '96 Knicks.

- Chris Herring compares Mike Woodson's first year in New York to his days in Atlanta.

- Dikembe Mutombo showed up at the game last night and took some time afterward to ham it up with Kurt Thomas.

- More on Emmy Rossum, Knicks fan.

- This is happening, evidently at 6 PM.

- Some appreciation for Raymond Felton's intermittent excellence during this win streak, as well as some suggestion (with which I agree) that he could make a big difference by stepping up in a playoff series.

- Whole lot o' numbers and interesting comparisons in John Schuhmann's analysis of the sub-Heat Eastern playoff contenders.

- ALL surviving members of the 1973 Championship team will be at the Garden on Friday.

- I'm disappointed Sham's "Bookkeeping the Retired Guys" doesn't have much info on Jackie Butler. I need to know what Jackie's up to.

- Late addition: A very nice interview with Chris Copeland, including a Belgian newspaper clipping!

Those are the links! Have a lovely afternoon.

Update: Forgot to include Coach Nick's breakdown of Melo's 50-point night.