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Kenyon Martin will probably sit tonight

The man needs and deserves a rest.


The Knicks host the Bucks tonight. The two teams are expected to play a basketball game. Kenyon Martin, who is listed by the Knicks as "questionable" probably isn't going to play:

"I am probably going to take the night off, probably just take it easy tonight. Get myself a couple of extra days of rest, I've been going hard," Martin said in the radio interview.

Indeed he has, and that sounds like a wise, proactive move. Martin is 35 with surgically-repaired knees, and if the sudden stress of 25+ minutes a night for three full weeks following months of chilling necessitates a little recuperation, that's fine. I just hope that, in Martin's likely absence, Mike Woodson doesn't put heavy minutes on Tyson Chandler, who sounds likely to play through a still-very-sore neck. Perhaps Marcus Camby will spin a bit (though he's also nursing an injury. That foot still isn't totally right.), or perhaps the Knicks will just go super small against the Bucks. Given that Woodson engaged this roster's shortest lineup possible for a few minutes the other night, I don't think he'll be afraid to play some small-ball. Whatever the approach is, let's just not make anyone more hurt, please.