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Saturday Greater Rheas



Good evening! I'm gonna lay these links out on the floor and you can just roll in them and/or romp amongst them.

- Rheas are ratites-- like the smaller, Western Hemisphere version of ostriches. Both species of rhea live in South America, the greater one in the grasslands and such of Argentina and Brazil and whatnot. There is one small but growing population in Germany derived from a bunch of farm fugitives birds.

- Probably still no Marcus Camby or Kenyon Martin against Oklahoma City on Sunday.

- It sounds like Bernard King's gonna be in the Hall of Fame. The National Bernard Hall of Fame.

- I linked to this yesterday, but it's nuts enough to get a second link: The resurrection of the tape of Game 5 of the 1973 Finals.

- Some great notes and quotes regarding Pablo Prigioni, secret weapon.

- Pablo no le gusta el hielo.

- Tyson Chandler, caught sleepin' in a neck brace.

- Three-pointer-heavy teams do win championships sometimes.

- You're gonna see a lot of Kevin Ware heads on sticks at the Louisville game tonight. Those were donated by Amar'e Stoudemire.

- I'm sad for Andrew Unterberger because Carmelo Anthony finished with a very un-round 41 points last night.

- Chris Herring finds a correlation between Melo shooting really well and the other Knicks shooting not so well.

- David Vertsberger finds a correlation between Melo having the ball and Melo not turning the ball over.

- Clyde did a Levi's commercial with Russell Westbrook! Pants!

- Great hat, J.R. Smith.

- Oh hi, Isiah!

Them are the links. Enjoy your Saturnight!