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Final Score: Knicks 125, Thunder 120

Ohhhhh man.



That was a whole lot of fun. Very many funs. The Knicks got lit up by Russell Westbrook and baited into countless fouls by Kevin Durant, but they overcame all of it for perhaps the most riveting win of the year in Oklahoma City. Carmelo Anthony overcame a rough first quarter and a dearth of free throws to dominate from the perimeter and around the basket. Raymond Felton made so many great things happen out of Tyson Chandler pick-and-rolls. J.R. Smith drilled two unspeakable jumpers to keep the Thunder at arm's length down the stretch. The Knicks as a team shot 15-34 from downtown and took a bunch more shots (93 to 78) off a 6 to 12 turnover edge and NINETEEN offensive rebounds (nine from Melo alone).

12 straight wins. 50 wins overall. I'm gonna go punch-dance for a little while, then get to work on your recap. Damn.