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Monday Ruffs


Arjan Haverkamp

Good evening! There's no Knicks game-- no NBA action at all, in fact-- tonight. More time for links!

- I learned via Gian that the ruff was today's Bing homepage image. Male ruffs, as you can see above, have the coolest haircuts imaginable. So cool that old fancy people modeled their clothes after them.

- My favorite thing of the day is Mike Prada's detailed, highly visual analysis of how the Knicks have brought back the spacing that made their offense so effective back in November. A lot of that has to do with having the healthy personnel to make that spacing count (basically, guys who can pass and hit jumpers).

- Among many other cool things in this post, I found the breakdowns of Raymond Felton's performance by season segment and Felton's shooting in wins vs. losses very interesting.

- Kenyon Martin is a maaaaaybe for Tuesday.

- Tyson Chandler chipped his tooth last night. : {

- Some fun quotes from Chis Copeland about last night and just being a Knick in general.

- I was blown away the other day by how cool Bob Wolff seems at the age of 92, and I'm very jealous that Tommy Dee got to hang out with him.

- Two people I like a lot-- Carmelo Anthony and Chris Herring-- had a bet on the Final Four game involving their respective alma maters. Chris won.

- The Knicks have been hitting shots, you guys.

- Interesting that Glen Grunwald is considered (by Matt Moore anyway) to be a frontrunner for the Executive of the Year award. I hadn't really thought about it, but Grunwald really has done a lot to improve the Knicks with very limited funds. Thumbs up!

- Not really sure what's going on here.

- I have yet to listen to this and can rarely bring myself to listen to things, but any podcast discussing the Knicks and featuring both Zach Lowe and Alan Sepinwall strikes me as worthwhile.

- It's been a while since the last 50.

- This is still a thing on Thursday. I'm almost certainly going to be in attendance. Also: This isn't an official announcement yet, but we just might be having another P&T meet-up for the game on Sunday afternoon. Pencil it in, perhaps.

That is all! Feel free to use this thread to comment on tonight's NCAA championship game. Who are we rooting for? I'm torn because most of my internet friends are rooting for Michigan, but my girlfriend entered a March Madness contest to win Domingo a FlightSuit and I told her to pick Louisville for that, so...