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Kenyon Martin sprained his ankle.

Could've been worse, but still not good.

Al Bello

The Knicks were rolling cheerily along to their division-clinching win without a care in the world, until something pretty stinky happened. Kenyon Martin, likely playing out his last few minutes early in the fourth quarter, went up to grab a rebound and came down like this (via Ben Golliver):

We immediately began to worry about Martin's sore left knee, but you can clearly see the left ankle turning on Chris Singleton's foot in the replay. Tina Cervasio reported afterward that Martin sprained his left ankle and that X-rays were negative. So, it's good that it's not the knee and it's good that nothing's broken (although I didn't see anything about X-rays on his hand. He smashed the shit out of his fist after he went down.)

Ankle sprains come in all different flavors, so hopefully this is the back-and-healthy-for-the-playoffs flavor. Especially with literally every other big man on the team hurt, the Knicks can't afford a long-term injury to Martin.

In the short-term...we're gonna see some small-ass lineups. Starting center Steve Novak, friends. It's so close.

Update: Mike Woodson called Martin's injury a "severe sprain", and also said this:

...I should think so, since Woodson gave an "I hope so" when asked about Martin returning for the playoffs (which are 11 days away).