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J.R. Smith got fined for flopping.


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The league office just dropped a bunch of fines on a bunch of players for their various infractions in recent playoff games. Among them: J.R. Smith, who will lose $5,000 for this flop in Game 2 1 against Indiana. Roy Hibbert David West set a moving screen and J.R. disengaged all his muscles and tendons at once to make sure the refs saw the foul. So, it was a $5,000 foul call. That's money that could have been spent at the club, but J.R. lost it for the TEAM.

Anyway, whatever. I would probably cry if someone took $5,000 from me because I fell down, but I think J.R. will be okay. And hey, maybe J.R.'s shooting stroke switches on and off with each league-penalized infraction, and after the suspension-worthy elbow on Jason Terry turned it off, this fine will get him going again. That's no more or less plausible than anything else that goes on with J.R., so why not?