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Pablo Prigioni may return to New York next season.

Well, at least his agent says it's a possibility.


Here's something to file away for when the Knicks are no longer playing basketball (so, hopefully over a month): Pablo Prigioni's agent George Bass told Jared Zwerling today that the li'l sneak may be interested in returning to the Knicks:

"Pablo really enjoyed himself here, and he has interest in playing again next year," Bass said. "He's fallen in love with New York, there's no doubt. The Knicks are just a first-class organization, so it's been good all the way around."

Read on for Zwerling's helpful explanation of how the Knicks can make Prigioni a restricted free agent by extending a qualifying offer before the end of June.

Now, an agent hyping up his client's interest in the incumbent team (while simultaneously noting likely interest from others, which Bass also does), is nothing new or especially telling. I might not even link this in most circumstances, but the news feels timely given Pablo's most recent blog post for Olé (via Madbacker). I'll let a Spanish speaker do a full translation, but the upshot is Pablo is feeling happy and confident and REALLY appreciated the Garden crowd chanting his name toward the end of Game 2. He also discusses the Boston series and the current one and mentions some meet-ups with his Argentine bros. I got entirely too upset after reading (both here and in the blogioni) that Pablo was feeling a bit restless with limited playing time a few months back, so this update is a big relief. All I want is for Pablo to be happy.

And, after a season that saw his role vacillate constantly, it seems like he is. Pablo and the Knicks have achieved a mutually pleasing status quo. He gets regular minutes and does the Knicks a whole lot of good in those minutes. The dude's turning 36 in a few days and can only offer so much, so perhaps New York will look elsewhere, but...come on. It's Pablo. He's been maximally lovable, durable, and surprisingly versatile all season, and especially when given regular minutes. And he's cheap. And Mike Woodson loves old guys. I'll understand if Pablo feels ready to return home after crossing "jugar en el NBA" off his lista de cubo, but if he does want to stick stateside, I hope and expect the Knicks will bring him back.