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Final Score: Pacers 82, Knicks 71



Well, that was a whole bushel of farts. The Knicks looked flat, soft, and headless, like a flounder in a guillotine. Their offense looked totally drained of both energy and identity while the defense allowed Indiana all the opportunities they needed to get points. Once again, Roy Hibbert ate Tyson Chandler alive while not a single Knick made a consistently positive offensive impact. Lots of sub-50% shooting lines as you scan down the box score.

The Knicks cannot afford to shoot very few threes AND miss most of their shots AND lose the turnover battle AND give up tons of offensive rebounds. That doesn't work. This first meeting in Indiana was about as poor a game as the Knicks could have played (which is kinda funny because they didn't get blown out that badly, but mostly not funny).

Short recap coming up later. Might just be a picture of me with my head in a toilet.