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Iman Shumpert missed practice with a sore knee, expects to play Tuesday

Attendance at Knicks practice was even lighter today.


The Knicks practiced early this morning because they're splitting court time with the Indiana Fever. Practice has now wrapped up, and we got a few updates from the media availability afterward.

The main bit of news is that, along with the flu-ridden J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin, Iman Shumpert missed practice today with a sore left knee. That news, I'm sure, made many of us Google "iman shumpert tear acl left knee", scan the matching results and shout OH GOD NO, but it doesn't sound like a huge deal. Shump took a couple weird falls on that knee in Game 3, and it sounds like he sustained some bruising unrelated to the repaired ligaments. Or at least that's what we're being told. No tests were done and Shump expects to play in Game 4. Martin and Smith, meanwhile, are probably still in bed eating soup and watching Hong Kong Phooey and will be game-time decisions on Tuesday.

Other things:

- Particularly if J.R. doesn't end up playing, we might see some Chris Copeland and/or Steve Novak. If those guys do play, it'll be interesting to see how and when. Will Mike Woodson finally go super small against the Pacers? Can either of those guys hit some contested threes to overcome Indiana's sticky defense or create other opportunities with their floor-spreading? Please?

- Jason Kidd isn't going anywhere so, uh, I hope he starts making plays sometimes.

- Carmelo Anthony says he's gonna be extra "aggressive" in Game 4, which may or may not be good news. (To me, it's good news if the Knicks are working harder to get him more, better shots. It's bad news if he's just gonna try and beat the Pacers by himself). Melo opted not to respond publicly to Tyson Chandler's chiding of the team's ball movement. Definitely best that way.

Man, just take Game 4. Find a way. It's probably going to take either much greater effort or a whole new game plan on both ends of the floor, but I'd happily accept some fluke performance if it buys the Knicks a tied series. 2-2 has to happen...OR ELSE.