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The flu bros are ready for tonight, Iman Shumpert is uncertain.

J.R. Smith and Kenyon martin are ready, but Shump's knee might not be.


Knicks shootaround just happened in preparation for tonight's crucial Game 4 at Fielders Bank Lifehouse. There is good health news and there is murky/bad health news. The good news is that J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin a.k.a Team Influenza will play tonight and have not-- at least not yet-- infected other Knicks. Martin, for one, is still pretty sick, but he's ready to go nonetheless. We can also confirm that Martin and Smith are not bedfellows.

The murky/bad news is that Iman Shumpert's "sore" left knee, which kept him out of practice yesterday for precautionary reasons, is causing more alarm today than it was yesterday. After Shump took one or two scary falls (like the one pictured above) in Game 3, we were told of "bruising" and no tests were planned. Now the knee is swollen and the Knicks are flying in their orthopedist, Dr. Answorth Allen, to examine it. This is concerning.

So, that makes me a little queasy 'n' uneasy. The prospect of the Knicks trying to beat Indiana without one of the few guys who's been consistently sharp in this series is scary. The prospect of Shump giving it a go on a surgically repaired left knee that is even remotely compromised (even if, as we were told yesterday, the injury has nothing to do with the surgery...which now seems questionable since the guy who performed the surgery is on a plane to Indiana right now) is way scarier.

Updates as they come. Please be okay, Shump.