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Mike Woodson speaks on Game 4 and Game 5

Not a lot, but some.

Joe Robbins

Mike Woodson postponed his radio appearance today, but he did speak to reporters a bit after practice. After Woodson abandoned a lot of the things that made the Knicks the Knicks this season, he gave a few quotes suggesting how (if at all) things might change in Game 5:

- After J.R. Smith took the blame for pretty much everything, Woodson tried to wrest it back from him. J.R. didn't speak today. He just hung out with John Starks.

- Woodson hinted that he might switch back to the normal/small/functional starting lineup with Pablo Prigioni playing two-guard instead of left bench:

"I’m contemplating doing that,’’ Woodson said after Wednesday’s quick practice in Tarrytown of going back to smallball with Anthony at the 3. "That lineup has been great for us for a couple of months. I went away from it last night to go big and a lot of that was based on guys not being in practice and not too sure about Iman. I didn’t want to bring him off and him being stiff. That lineup has been good and we might go right back to that lineup.’’

I don't quite follow that explanation, but I'm done dwelling on the decision to go away from that starting group and lineups similar to it in Game 4. I just hope small-ball does, indeed, return in Game 5. Tiny-ball, even. Go wild.

- Woodson insists he won't "kick Jason Kidd to the curb", which is good. Nobody's asking for that. All we're asking is that Jason Kidd play fewer minutes in basketball games.

- Woodson was pretty irritated with Amar'e Stoudemire's weirdly slappy defense. No word on how that might affect Amar'e's playing time in Game 5.

And that's where things stand after practice today. Sorry about the errors around SB Nation over the last 24 hours or so. The support folks are working on it, I promise.