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Pre-Game 5 Notes and Links

Well, this is it.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Okay! Tonight will end with either a close to the 2012-2013 Knicks season or a new glimmer of hope for this disappointing series against the Pacers. Tip-off tonight is at 8 and there'll be a game thread up before then. For now, let's catch up on where things stand heading into tonight's game:

- Kenyon Martin's right wrist is bothering him, but it doesn't sound like it'll limit his availability tonight.

- On that note, Mike Woodson is expected to go back to his normal small lineup tonight. I approve this decision (or undoing of a previous bad decision) and hope he'll lean toward distributors and shooters over people who are just tall. I imagine we'll get an official announcement on this in the near future.

- Some food for my hope: Woodson said he'll play Chris Copeland early and often tonight. Rasheed Wallace helped Cope prepare this morning.

- Woodson also said he wants everyone to rebound and expects to win. Both notions have my support!

- Blue Man Group?

- This is a thing leading into this game, in case you didn't know. None of my business, but I do find it pretty funny when the Post feels it has to make articles like that.

A couple more hours, y'all. Time to sharpen that scimitar and sacrifice the biggest goat you can find. These are desparate times.

Update: George Hill will miss tonight's game with a concussion. That's pretty important.

Update: Your starters:

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