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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers- 5/16/13

Win or it's over!


Okay, fartsicles, this is it! The Knicks have screwed themselves over pretty badly so far, and now they've retreated to the verge of doom. We'll wake up tomorrow either antsy over a narrowed deficit or blinded by sudden exposure to the offseason. I'm not ready for the offseason. Please give us something tonight, Knicks.

There is, I am both delighted and afraid to report, reason for hope. First of all, the Knicks are at home, and that's good. Second of all, Mike Woodson will turn back to his right starting lineup and hopefully stick with similar groupings throughout the night (it sounds like he might not). Third of all, George Hill, who has killed the Knicks in this series, is out with a concussion. Indiana will have to start D.J. Augustin in his place. Augustin is perfectly capable of torching the Knicks himself, but he's more turnover-prone (and that's CRUCIAL) and not as much of a problem on defense, and the depth behind him ain't much.

Things are pointing in the Knicks' direction tonight. They must win. If they win, the unlikely suddenly feels possible. If they lose in five at home with their backs at the wall to a lower-seeded team missing a key player...oh man, everyone's gonna be so angry. Please wake up, Knicks. May the spirit of the four-point play guide you to much accuracy and clutchness against the Pacers.

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