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Open Playoff Thread: 5/19/13

A thread for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.


Good afternoon! Knicks offseason coverage will begin in earnest this week, but I will be in transit most of today and unable to post much (this may be the case for a few intermittent days over the next couple weeks). Here, then, is a thread for those of us watching Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Grizzlies and Spurs, which tips at 3:30 on ABC. Grizzly Bear Blues and Pounding the Rock are two excellent blogs for you to check out if you'd like to read more about the series.

It's always a little depressing when Knicks threads give way to these open playoff threads, but at least we're relatively late in the Spring this time around. And there's something to be said for enjoying games as a community when we're not all freaking out. It's relaxing!

But yeah, use this thread for the game and for whatever else you'd like to discuss. Have a pleasant Sunday.