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Steve Novak is questionable for Game 6.

How might this affect the Knicks' rotation?


I'm working on rooting the remaining post-game thoughts out of my head in a separate post, but for now, here's some injury news: Steve Novak, who sat Game 5's second half with back spasms, is questionable for Game 6. Novak's injury hardly matters in the scheme of things, since his presence has hardly registered thus far. He's been getting minutes, though, so I wonder how his absence (and I expect him to be absent. Steve Novak has nothing to offer if his back's messed up) might affect the rotation.

I see two options if Novak can't go: 1. Shorten the rotation to absorb his minutes. Play three guards early in second quarters or keep another starter on the floor with the second unit. Play Carmelo Anthony a crazy amount of minutes or something. It's a pretty important game. 2. Chris Copeland! Copeland fell out of the rotation after Game 2, but I'd have preferred him-- a guy who can shoot a little AND put the ball on the floor-- to Novak in each of the last three games. If Novak isn't an option, will Mike Woodson get over whatever hang-ups he had with Cope, or will he shorten the rotation? Or are we about to see more of Quentin Richardson playing meaningful minutes in a playoff game? I hope it's not the last thing.