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Thursday Post-Practice Notes

Injury updates, reflections, projections and so forth the day after New York's Game 5 loss.

Al Bello

The Knicks practiced today. Good choice! The reporters at practice told us about the things the Knicks did and said there. Here are some of them:

- Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler both missed practice today (or at least the part reporters saw, but it sounded like everything after shootaround) to get treatment on their parts. Melo's shoulder is still bugging him after Kevin Garnett tried to borrow his arm and Chandler's neck needed more attention. Both are expected to play Friday.

- Yeahhhh, we won't be seeing any Steve Novak tomorrow.

- This is interesting. I'm in favor of anything that involves more picks, though I'm not sure I like Carmelo Anthony bringing the ball up the floor, if that's what's implied here:

- This I like:

Indeed. The ball moves better on one and stops better on the other when Pablo's involved. It'd help if he could hit his jumpers, but that's extra.

- Mike Woodson on the stupid black clothes funeral stupid stupid butthead stuff:

And that's more or less the extent of it. To Boston they go. Links later!