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Thursday Red-Capped Manakins



Good evening! Tonight is the night to watch two other nervous teams deal with their own 3-2 scenarios (of varying origin). Go ahead 'n' use this as a thread if you're watching and look for a SBN-wide thread at Bright Side of the Sun later. For now, we link:

- Red-capped manakinss have bizarre courtship rituals in which they make high-pitched sounds WITH THEIR WINGS and MOONWALK. They really moonwalk.

- I fully support Rodger's idea to shorten the first round to a five-game series and think that change should be applied retroactively to this postseason. NO REASON.

- Oh my god this shit is so stupid/I can totally see how it would be funny to me if it didn't involve the Knicks.

- I'd heard some of this before, but not all of it: The tale of how the Knicks have gradually alienated Frank Isola (and/or how Frank Isola grew his surly, feckless persona). Whooole lotta people taking themselves waaaaay too seriously.

- Some funereal Knicks art.

- I really enjoyed this video one of y'all linked of (mostly) Mike Woodson shouting at Chris Copeland a lot in practice.

- And here's Woody rhymin' a bit.

- netw3rk's always good at capturing the feeling of a moment in Knicks fandom. This moment doesn't feel great.

- To those of you still interested in the Jason Collins/Larry Johnson/gay bros in the locker room discussion that's been going on: Please make sure you've seen CARMP's most recent comment on the subject. That just about covers it.

Those were the links. I hope you've had fine Thursdays. <3