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Monday was Locker Clean-out Day

There was much saying of things.


Today was that sad day in which the Knicks empty out their lockers for the summer, giving a few quotes to reporters on their way out the door. There is almost never any real information exchanged, but you can get a sense for how guys are feeling as they reflect on the season and how they intend to approach the offseason. Here are a couple notable bits:

- First of all, almost half the team didn't speak to reporters today. Mike Woodson and Glen Grunwald will do their availability tomorrow.

- Kenyon Martin says he wants to come back.

- Chris Copeland professed a career-long value of fit over finance and spoke positively about his season, which stokes at least a little hope that he might return.

- Raymond Felton's going to spend some time studying under Jason Kidd in the Hamptons.

- Meanwhile, there is real uncertainty about Kidd's odds of continuing his career into next season.

- Steve Novak is bummed not to have played much in the playoffs, but understands that's how things work. Steve also wants to improve at pretty much everything this summer. Cool!

- Carmelo Anthony wants J.R. Smith to return. Duh. Melo wants a fully healthy Amar'e. Duh.

- The Knicks staff didn't see anything wrong with Melo's shoulder, but he'll still get it checked out by another doctor very soon just to make sure there's no serious damage.

- Melo gave the appropriate response to Frank Isola's attempt to stir up Chris Paul rumors.

- Melo opted out of discussing the opt-out clause his contract has after next season.

- Tyson Chandler implied he won't need surgery or anything and blamed his postseason sluggishness on the lingering effects of strep throat caught from his daughter, not just basic laziness. He continued to say kinda pointed words about the team and system. Whatever. Just please be Tyson next season.

- Iman Shumpert was similarly critical of the team's offensive output and expressed the bluntest disdain for the season's outcome. He intends to play in Summer League in Las Vegas, which is great. He's up for anything position-wise.

So, that's a rough sketch of some of the Knicks' mindsets heading into the offseason and a lot of closed tabs in my browser. Nothing especially illuminating, but we should gain more clarity with each passing day of the offseason. We've a long way to go.