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Mike Woodson and Glen Grunwald addressed the media.

There was some saying of things.


Good day! Today was the day for Mike Woodson to speak with reporters for the last time this season and for Glen Grunwald to speak to reporters for the first and last time this season. They sat around a conference table with all your favorite beat guys and churned out pap until everyone left. Just like yesterday's post-exit interview media availability by the players, this isn't exactly a forum for massive insights. There were, however, a few mildly interesting and informative things said:

- Mike Woodson is in favor of Iman Shumpert playing in Summer League, and generally spoke highly of Shump.

- Glen Grunwald acknowledged that the Knicks are-- for the time being-- too capped out to do anything major like a sign-and-trade but hinted at some more creative measures for adding low-cost production. Daddy Grun and company have a good track record in that department.

- The Knicks will have the mini mid-level exception and Grunwald suggested they might use it to pay Pablo Prigioni and/or Chris Copeland.

- Grunwald got a positive vibe from Jason Kidd in yesterday's exit interview and came away under the impression that he's leaning toward playing another year.

- Grunwald suggested that Amar'e Stoudemire could play on a minutes limit next season. Woodson claimed to be undecided about Stoudemire's place in the rotation (starting lineup vs. bench) next season. All of the above depends on Amar'e's health, of course.

- Amar'e may go work more with Hakeem Olajuwon, by the way.

- Woodson wants Tyson Chandler to grab more rebounds with his hands and then hold them in his hands. He also wants him on a "weight program". I assume that means gaining, not losing? A post game would be nice, too. Without the Olympics, Tyson's got more time to spend with Hakeem if he so chooses.

- Woodson got a li'l paternal re: J.R. Smith.

- Carmelo Anthony will have an MRI on his shoulder to make sure nothing's seriously injured. Glen Grunwald said that would be today, but it will not be today.

Those were the items of note. This is merely the beginning of a long summer, so there's not much being said now that's worth getting worked up about. Pretty much everything but the above was rote, uninteresting positivity, which is to be expected at an event such as this one. The only way to spice that stuff up is to declare today MEDIA AVAILABILITY OPPOSITE DAY. Here we go:

Glen Grunwald: "I am extremely discouraged by this team and filled with dread for the future."

Mike Woodson: "I hope our fans are fed up and have lost all hope."

Woodson: "I think we are headed in the wrong direction."

Woodson: "I throw my hat at Melo for a terrible season. He should give up."

Woodson, on Kenyon Martin: "My least favorite kind of player."

Grunwald: "Our focus is to destroy the core of this team."

Grunwald: "I think Woody did a terrible job. He gets my Worst Coach of the Year award. Are there Razzies for coaches? He gets that. Oh my god I hate Mike Woodson so much."

See? Way more exciting!