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Isola: Carmelo Anthony has a partially torn labrum in his shoulder

The MRI results are in. No surgery...for now.

Jeff Zelevansky

Well, I was just about to settle in for Heat-Pacers with this pile of cookies, but we have a bit of news. Carmelo Anthony spent much of the postseason playing through a shoulder injury aggravated when Kevin Garnett decided Melo's arm should no longer reside in its armhole. Melo finally got an MRI done and, as it turns out, there's something there. Frank Isola:

Here's the full article.

Let us hope the shoulder does indeed heal on its own. As Isola mentions, surgery would likely sideline Melo for quite a while, like potentially into training camp. As Knicks fans, we've seen a few torn labra over the years, and a mere partial tear sounds to me (a licensed physician) like something that won't end up needing invasive attention. I guess we'll see.

Rest up, Melo. And hey, thanks for playing a lot of playoff minutes even though some of your arm meat was off the bone. That was pretty cool of you.

More as it comes.

Update: I feel compelled to mention that this is the second Knick labrum Kevin Garnett has torn. He messed Toney Douglas's shoulder up in the 2010 preseason, then finished the job with an uncalled foul in the playoffs. YES I AM BITTER.

Update again: I should also mention that Melo originally hurt the shoulder in a late regular season game against Indiana. I'm still blaming Garnett.