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Thursday Long-Tailed Widowbirds



Good afternoon, infants! It's been a while since we had any links, but I've collected a few little stories to share with you.

- Male long-tailed widowbirds have to carry around tail feathers that are three times the size of their entire bodies. It's a tough life. Because of this sexually appealing but massively cumbersome trait, they've been the subject of much evolutionary research and theory.

- A few of you have mentioned this one (and Joe will have more to say about it soon), but Pablo Prigioni wishes to stay in the NBA. The idea of him leaving the Knicks but staying in the league kills me. I can't get broken up with AND have to watch my old paramour with someone else. Too cruel.

- J.R. Smith is gonna get some fluid drained from his chronically sore left knee. I can understand why the Knicks didn't bother to meddle with Carmelo Anthony's shoulder until after the season, but...why not drain J.R.'s knee during the playoffs? That doesn't require much recovery time, does it? It didn't when Melo had his knee drained. Weird. Anyway, I guess that might kinda maybe explain some of J.R.'s shittiness in the playoffs. Maybe.

- Meanwhile, Amar'e Stoudemire just had a son, so I guess that explains his own lack of production in the playoffs. What? ...Well, I'm saying because he was-- Hmm? His...? Oh. Hmm. Is that always how it works? He can't...oh. Not even sometimes? Okay. Well, anyway, congratulations to Amar'e and Alexis.

- Melo is All-NBA second team. Cool.

- (Pablo says congratulations and it is completely plain and normal but I'm still over here going "awwww".)

- An interesting contemplation of Iman Shumpert's viability as New York's second star someday.

- Among other bits of info from this Chris Copeland interview: He's gonna be training in Richmond, Virgina this summer with Ben Wallace and Ed Davis.

- Remember when Kostas Papanikolaou's rights belonged to the Knicks and his agent said he'd probably come over this year? Now his rights belong to Portland and it sounds like he doesn't intend to join them this year, so they're probably going to trade him. Something to keep an eye on, because we know the Knicks like Papanikolaou and we have reason to believe he'd be willing to leave Greece for New York. (Also, from what I've seen of the guy, Papa would fit SO well on this team. I am now way too intrigued.)

That's all for now! <3