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Pablo Prigioni confirms that he'd like to stay in the NBA.

He says it himself in his most recent blog post.

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Jared Wickerham

It's been a bit tough to follow the news surrounding Pablo Prigioni rumors since the season ended. First we had regurgitated rumors about a return to Spain or Argentina because his wife was tired of New York. Then we had secondhand reports of Argentine radio interviews in which Prigioni said he'd like to stay in the NBA. Most recently, some nutjob tried to lure Pablo back to New York by giving him the Falkland Islands. It's wild out there.

Thankfully, Pablo is a blogger, and took to the internet himself to speak directly to us. You can read the full post (in Spanish) here. The first two paragraphs discuss the disappointment of losing to the Pacers while also mentioning the satisfaction of playing big minutes in Game 6. The last two paragraphs discuss Pablo's adjustments to NBA competition and his travel plans for the summer. Here's my attempt at translating the middle paragraph:

In the first few months, it took time for me to get accustomed to the Knicks and for my family to adapt to life in the United States. By midseason we started to feel better and better. I noticed this while playing and it reflected on the court, because I was able to do my best during the last part of the season. My family also ended up very happy and got hooked on the city. I would like to play another year in the NBA, so I will wait for movement and then make a decision.

So, there's nothing especially novel in there. This is just firsthand confirmation that Pablo wants to keep playing in the NBA and suggestion that, if he does leave New York, it won't be because his family is dissatisfied with the city.

In other Knick writing news, Steve Novak wrote the foreword to this book. For real.

Update: Here's a new Jared Zwerling interview with Pablo.