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Zwerling: Jerome Jordan will rejoin the Knicks for Summer League

Big Rome!


It is but May, yet Jared Zwerling has already gotten a couple Summer League scoops. The first was that Henry Sims has an invite to join the Knicks in Las Vegas, should he choose to do so. The most recent is that our old friend Jerome Jordan has signed up to join the team again this year.

Former Knicks center Jerome Jordan will play on their summer league team in Las Vegas this July, his agent, Todd Ramasar, confirmed with

Jordan will also play on the Celtics' summer league team in Orlando.

Recall that Jordan played with New York in last year's Summer League, but was forbidden from joining the actual team because of the one-year mandate following the Knicks trading him to Houston. Naturally, this news leads me to wonder if the Knicks will bring Josh Harrellson in for Summer League as well. I know none of these people are world-beaters, but that doesn't mean I'm not weirdly attached to them.

Anyway, so far all we've heard about is a "yes" from Jordan and a "maybe" from Sims. Obviously, most of the team will be formed after next month's draft.

One more bit from the Zwerling article: The rather intriguing Shane Larkin isn't planning on working out with the Knicks (workouts start next week) because he doesn't expect to fall to the 24th pick. :(