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Pre-Game 6: Knicks at Celtics



Ohhhh man oh man. Oh man. I'm so nervous. This is the most a Knicks game has mattered in so many years. Like, since I was a child. Ohhhh man. They got this, though. They've already beaten the Celtics on the road. They're bound to adjust.

They were just too cocky in Games 4 and 5, you know? They didn't prepare enough. Now Mike Woodson'll just fix all this shit and Carmelo Anthony will wake up and J.R. Smith will, too, and the threes will fall and they'll do just what they did in Game 3.

But ohhhhh man. These are the Celtics now. They were some dusty husk of the Celtics in those first few games, but they've got life and momentum now. Can we really count on Woodson to just fix things when he's failed to do so in two straight games?

It just comes down to who makes shots, right? The Knicks hit their threes, this could be a blowout. And the Knicks are more likely to hit their threes than the Celtics are. Well, not recently, but yeah.

Maybe this'll motivate Melo. Right?

Oh man, those are some shitty refs.

I should probably wear my Knicks socks. I forgot to wear them for Game 3 and the Knicks won, so I just stopped wearing them. What was I thinking? This is as grave a sin as the Knicks themselves wearing black before Game 5. How could I have been so cocky?

Dammit. Shit.

No, that doesn't matter. Fuck that. Shush.

The Knicks are the better team. There's a reason they're the high seed. They'll find a way.

If they don't find a way, there's Game 7, and that'll be at home.

But they just lost at home. The Celtics are demons.

I haven't eaten enough today. I should eat.

Whatever, I just know it's gonna come down to that Game 7. This series has a Game 7 written all over it. I'm not even gonna worry about tonight.

I can't eat.

But these Knicks thrive when facing adversity. They just needed some pressure to collect themselves. Maybe they could pull it off. It'd make everything so much easier.

Given the opportunity to just simulate this game and find out the final score without watching, I think I would. Would I do it if I wouldn't be allowed to watch the game after the fact? Then if they won I wouldn't be able to see how. Yeah, I totally would.

They're not gonna win.

They could. They could win. They already won in Boston. They almost won the second game in Boston, too, even though they played like shit.


Ohhhh man. Oh man. I'm gonna go sacrifice a goat. Muhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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