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Thursday Greater Adjutants


Yathin sk

Good afternoon! We'll watch Heat-Pacers Game 5 together later. For now, a few Knicks links to nosh upon:

- Greater Adjutants are big, gross, South Asian stork-like birds who got their name because British people thought they walked like soldiers.

- A thing worth keeping in the back of your mind (already being discussed, I see, in a previous thread): Mike Woodson's 2014-2015 contract is not guaranteed, but can be at any point.

- Every shout, slap, and grunt from the 2012-2013 Knicks season.

- Dave Hopla has his own app called, of course, iHopla. It's 99 cents.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's newborn son is named Alijah. I detect a theme in the Stoudemire family names.

- Jonah Kaner went to a sneaker release event for Rasheed Wallace and got some great quotes from Sheed.

- Steve Novak and Kenyon Martin report cards at Buckets Over Broadway.

- One of us must find Iman Shumpert tooling around the city on his bike. 1 million P&T points if you get a photo, 10 million if you catch him alive.

That's all I've got for you right now. Have a pleasant afternoon, babies!

Update: Late addition-- My friends Jared and Devin are going to play out a pretend Knicks-Nets series to determine ownership of this fair city.