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Video: Mike Woodson is in a Sean John commercial.


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, there's a game to recap and I promise I'm working on it, but...GUYS. Chris Herring posted a tweet about seeing a Mike Woodson Sean John commercial in a cab. I didn't believe Chris because that's patently absurd, but some quick Googling revealed that, indeed, this thing exists:

So very classy. Two obvious highlights here:

1. "I like to think our coaching staff does a good job...dressing." - Mike Woodson

2. "Uh, thanks to, uh, Puffy, and, uh, Sean John!" - Mike Woodson, flashing a wry smile that betrays his understanding of how silly this whole thing is.

Many of the Knicks love fashion and many of them are active in that world, but this is something else entirely. Mike Woodson in a Sean John commercial means any Knicks-fashion crossover is possible. I want a Pablo Prigioni Old Navy Performance Fleece commercial. I want Jim Todd pitching Crocs. This is only the beginning.

Final question: ...Sean John?